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More than an exchange program

We’ve made sure to keep things simple for you. Once you purchase a pair of Lotusline jeans, you can return it after 4 years of use. In exchange, you can get a brand-new pair of jeans or other apparel that we offer for almost the same value. So, that means you get eight years of wearing pleasure in a pair of Lotusline. That’s why our exchange program is more than just that. We take great pride in saying this makes Lotusline the first product or jeans brand that takes overconsumption head on.

By simply choosing a Lotusline pair, you become part of the 4Evergreen program and join hands with us in ensuring the denim doesn’t end up in a landfill. Because, we further take care of recycling your old pair of jeans too. Product recycle has been woven into the planning process from day one, and is not a mere afterthought. Lotusline cares for planet Earth, just like you.